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298 Budgie Alvis Salamander Fire Crash Tender

 298 Budgie Alvis Salamander Fire Crash Tender

Ref: 29262

Excellent, Box Good

Price: 255.00

Red, with yellow rear compressor, silver-grey plastic ladder and other accessories, and black metal base. Circular 'Fire Service' decals on the sides in white and blue, 'Centre Drive No Hand Signals' on the rear in white. On the roof there is a ladder, bell and swivelling foam nozzle. Windows have clear glazing. At the rear there is a retractable hose. The six wheels are in black plastic.

The Budgie Alvis Salamander is often affected by casting deterioration, but this example has no sign of it at all and is in superb condition. The paintwork is shiny and there are just a few tiny chips on the rear body sides and compressor. The decals are perfect and the hose and other plastic parts are intact. The axles are rust free. The model comes in its original box which is good-to-excellent; there is a tape repair in the inside of one end flap, but it is not noticeable.

A rare opportunity to acquire a good example of this scarce model.

Length: 90mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1966
Condition: Excellent, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 200g

298 Budgie Alvis Salamander Fire Crash Tender

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