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702 Budgie Scammell Scarab Van 'LMS'

 702 Budgie Scammell Scarab Van 'LMS'

Ref: 40187

Mint, box Excellent

Price: 27.00

Scammell Scarab 3-wheeled tractor and detachable articulated trailer with van body. Maroon red, with 'LMS LIVERPOOL ROAD' on the van sides. These models were sprayed in the factory after assembly, so the axles and half of the front wheel are painted - including half of the front tyre!

This example is as new, in an excellent blue window box. There is a '707' label on one end, which is probably a factory error . 707 was the number for the promotional Routemaster bus, for which this box was clearly not designed.

Scale: c.1:56
Length: 150mm.
Approx Years: 1984 - 1985
Condition: Mint, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 276g

702 Budgie Scammell Scarab Van 'LMS'

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