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9 Morestone Maudslay Horse Box

 9 Morestone Maudslay Horse Box

Ref: 34077

PAYMENT RECEIVED  Esso Petrol Pump Series
Good, Unboxed

Price: 11.25

An unusual subject, probably inspired by the similar but much larger Dinky Toys model of the same era. In red with silver grille and black base, and with 'Horse Box Service' lettering cast into the sides. The wheels are grey metal on crimped axles; the wheels are a slightly unusual design incorporating inner spacers.

This example has light general play wear, with paint chipping along the edge of the roof. There is some light surface rust on the axles.

Length: 57mm.
Approx Years: 1956 - 1958
Condition: Good, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 50g

9 Morestone Maudslay Horse Box

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