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Airfix 1774 Diving Submarine

Airfix 1774 Diving Submarine

Ref: 40545

Excellent, packaging Good

Price: 36.00

This is a working model submarine, powered by solid propellant tablets (essentially baking powder). When the submarine is placed in water in initially dives, then as the tablets become wet they release carbon dioxide which increases the sub's buoyancy, and it rises to the surface. On reaching the surface the carbon dioxide is released into the air, and the sub dives again. This repeats until the tablets are exhausted. A metal keel rod keeps the sub upright and can be adjusted to alter the diving attitude.

This example is complete, with jar still containing tablets. It is in its original box which has instructions on the back. The outer box has some edge wear, a couple of small surface tears, and creasing on one side.

Length: 316mm.
Approx Years: 1970 -
Condition: Excellent, packaging Good
Shipping Weight: 482g

1774 Diving Submarine

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