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Benbros RAC Motorcycle Patrol

Benbros RAC Motorcycle Patrol

Ref: 39712

Qualitoys series
Good, box Good

Price: 38.50

Black motorcycle with silver trim and blue fairing with clear windscreen. Movable (steerable) front forks and 'TTC 147' cast number plates. Separate cast metal rider with blue uniform, white top of hat and gloves, and black boots. The blue sidecar has an opening lid with aerial on top and RAC logo cast on the front. The spoked wheels are unpainted cast metal with black tyres.

In good condition with a few chips, but complete with aerial and windscreen. The box carries the 'QUALITOYS' brand, and the colour illustration depicts the RAC patrol attending a broken-down Vauxhall Wyvern or Velox. It is complete, but has some crushing on the sides.

Length: 86mm.
Approx Years: c.1955 - c.1965
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 169g

RAC Motorcycle Patrol

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