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Britains 104V Garage Set

Britains 104V Garage Set

Ref: 25843

Road Series
REDUCED PRICE: was 130.00
Good, box Good

Price: 110.00

This set consists of 3 petrol pumps: BP, Shell and National, mounted on a base unit. Each pump has decals on both sides, and a flexible hose attached to a swivelling collar. There is also an attendant in white overalls and with articulated right arm, and an oil cabinet in cream with a door that lowers to reveal 3 silver oil cans.

The models are in very good played-with condition although there is some decal loss, particularly from the oil cabinet. All 3 flexible hoses are present. The swivelling plastic collar on the National pump has been neatly repaired with glue, and as a consquence is fragile. This is the only significant defect.

The lidded card presentation box is also in very good condition with one tear is the side of the bottom part, and is complete with its green inner tray. The label on the lid reads 'Britains Road Series' and is illustrated in white, green and black. There is a stain on the label as the photos show. There is also a label on one end of the lid reading 'Garage Set No. 104V Made in England'.

This is a very scarce set and is rarely found in such complete condition.

Length refers to the length of the pump base.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 133mm.
Approx Years: 1953 -
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 405g

104V Garage Set

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