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Britains 1311 Indian Elephant

Britains 1311 Indian Elephant

Ref: 35284

Mint, Packaging Good

Price: 9.00

This Indian Elephant replaced the 1961 model; it has a raised trunk and more sculpted skin. Like the earlier version, the ears are separate mouldings, but on this one the tusks are also separate, in self-coloured ivory plastic.

This one is as new, and comes in a red and white 'Britains Wildlife' box with 'Britains Petite Ltd' printed on it, which suggests it was made in 1986 or later. The box has some wear to the flaps.

Scale: 1:32
Height: 82mm.
Approx Years: 1972 - 1999
Condition: Mint, Packaging Good
Shipping Weight: 195g

1311 Indian Elephant

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