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Britains 1807 Copper Beech Tree

Britains 1807 Copper Beech Tree

Ref: 34006

Excellent, Packaging Good

Price: 16.50

This Britains Copper Beech Tree stands 175mm tall and is complete with 20 pieces of foliage. This tree would be equally at home in a Britains Farm or Floral Garden scene, or in an OO/HO gauge model railway layout.

This item comes in its original box which has some light wear and a split in the clear plastic window. There is a price label on the front, marked in old and new currency: 3/4 (three shillings and fourpence) and the decimal equivalent of 16 and a half pence.

Scale: 1:32
Height: 175mm.
Approx Years: 1960s -
Condition: Excellent, Packaging Good
Shipping Weight: 70g

1807 Copper Beech Tree

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