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Britains 2213 Lamb, kneeling

Britains 2213 Lamb, kneeling

Ref: 35927

H1576 or 2213
Good. Unboxed

Price: 1.25

White textured plastic with pink ears and dark brown hooves and eyes. 'ENG' on the inside of one back leg, and registered design number on the underside. Renumbered from H15776 to H2213 in 1959, and amalgamated with other lambs as 2216 assortment in 1963.

Good condition, some paint loss.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 26mm.
Approx Years: 1957 - 1970
Condition: Good. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 2g

2213 Lamb, kneeling

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