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Britains 7540 Dismounted Indians x 2

Britains 7540 Dismounted Indians x 2

Ref: 40280

Poor, unboxed

Price: 1.50

Two American Indians with 'stained' paint finish. One has blue, gold and black trim, and has a shield in the left hand. Unfortunately his head is missing, as is the spear he should be holding. The other has brown and gold trim and a white and red head dress. Holding a black rifle in one hand and a ceremonial spear in the other. The barrel of the rifle is broken off, but otherwise good. Both are on green metal bases.

Scale: 1:32
Approx height: 68mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1986
Condition: Poor, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 46g

7540 Dismounted Indians x 2

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