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Britains 8F Horse Rake

Britains 8F Horse Rake

Ref: 28254

Excellent, Box Excellent

Price: 68.00

This horse rake is complete with a hollow-cast horse and driver figure. This is a later issue, with a diecast zinc alloy frame (earlier ones were lead). The frame is green with red trim and spoked wheels, and unpainted metal tines which are raised and lowered by a lever next to the driver. The driver has a green shirt, dark brown trousers, tan belt and black boots and broad-brimmed hat. His right arm is articulated. The horse is dark brown black mane and tail, tan harness, and black collar with gold trim.

In excellent condition; there is some paint loss from the horse's sides where the shafts have been taken on and off, and some paint loss from the driver and operating lever. The model comes in its original 'duck and eggs' end-opening box, which has a colour illustration of the rake in action.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 136mm.
Approx Years: 1923 - 1959
Condition: Excellent, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 250g

8F Horse Rake

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