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Britains 9499 Tumbrel Cart

Britains 9499 Tumbrel Cart

Ref: 37524

Reservation limit: 60 days
Excellent, packaging Excellent

Price: 19.50

This is the final version of the Britains tumbrel cart, which first appeared in the catalogue in 1921. Blue diecast cart with a removable red tailboard and two removable brown plastic raves. There is also red trim on the front edge of the cart and the ends of the shafts. The cart has a tipping action, operated by turning a lever which has a brown plastic handle. The metal wheels have 12 spokes and are in dull red with brown plastic hub caps,

The white plastic horse has grey hooves, mane and tail, brown harness and black saddle.

As new, in an excellent window box; the window is partly detached and has some crumpling, but no splits.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 140mm.
Approx Years: 1983 - 1984
Condition: Excellent, packaging Excellent
Shipping Weight: 322g

9499 Tumbrel Cart

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