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Britains 9527 Ford Force 5000 Tractor

Britains 9527 Ford Force 5000 Tractor

Ref: 40548

Good, packaging Poor

Price: 52.75

This is the 1973 version of the Ford 5000 tractor, the first to be supplied with a 'proper' safety cab and a pick-up hitch instead of the clevis pin type.

In blue, with light grey mudguards and exhaust/filter. The grey plastic radiator grille has inset jewelled headlights and a foil 'FORD' badge above, and there are 'FORD 5000' labels on the engine cover sides. There are the usual Britains features of operating steering and rear linkage, and a driver figure with red jacket and light blue trousers.

This one is generally in excellent condition, with the paintwork almost unmarked. The rims of the rear wheels have been slightly affected by 'melt', which is often seen on Britains models of this era, caused by the plastic reacting with the soft plastic of the tyres. A Ford label is missing from the front edge of the cab roof, and the driver has a black mark on one leg. The model is supplied in an outer box without the inner tray; the window is crumpled and split.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 108mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1975
Condition: Good, packaging Poor
Shipping Weight: 255g

9527 Ford Force 5000 Tractor

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