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Britains 9534 Krone Round Bale Wagon

Britains 9534 Krone Round Bale Wagon

Ref: 37521

Reservation limit: 60 days
Mint, packaging Excellent

Price: 39.75

Red chassis, yellow deck. Cream side labels with 'BENAC RBR 3000' and Krone logos. 'KRONE BENAC' labels on the chassis sides. The wheels are yellow with black tyres. With four round plastic bales.

This wagon attaches to the implement linkage on a Britains tractor via a swing arm. This permits the wagon to be offset from the tractor as it is pulled along, allowing the front drop-down ramp to scoop bales up. There is another drop-down ramp at the rear, which allows bales to be ejected.

As new, complete in its box with instruction sheet. There is some crumpling on the back of the box.

Scale: 1:32
Approx length: 250mm.
Approx Years: 1983 - 1997
Condition: Mint, packaging Excellent
Shipping Weight: 513g

9534 Krone Round Bale Wagon

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