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Britains 9571 Farm Land Rover

Britains 9571 Farm Land Rover

Ref: 36800

Excellent, box Excellent

Price: 27.00

Blue, with pale grey interior and canvas roof, and black chassis. Silver metal steering wheel, detailed instrument panel, driver figure in green overalls, and clear glazed windscreen. There are 'Britains Farm' labels on the doors and 'BTN 76' number plates. Light tan plastic wheels with black tyres including spare, and with spring suspension.

This model is in mint condition apart from a paint chip on the windscreen centre pillar, and comes in an excellent 'rainbow' window box which has slight crumpling to the window.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 125mm.
Approx Years: 1976 - 1982
Condition: Excellent, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 312g

9571 Farm Land Rover

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