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Britains 9576 Farm Land Rover

Britains 9576 Farm Land Rover

Ref: 34841

Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 78.00

This long wheelbase Land Rover is blue, with deep tan removable canopy and interior. It has a realistic light grey metal chassis with coil spring suspension and an ingenious steering mechanism whereby the front wheels may be steered by turning either the rear-mounted spare wheel or the steering wheel. The headlights are 'glazed' as are the front and rear indicators and sidelights, and there are 'MAC 68F' number plates front and rear. The bonnet opens to reveal a detailed engine, and there are mirrors on the wings.

The doors open and have window glazing and 'Britains Farm' labels. The dashboard is detailed and there is a separate gear lever. The driver figure has a movable right arm. The model is equipped with a tow bar.

This example is in excellent condition; the only significant defects are one small paint chip on the bonnet and the plastic clip is missing from the tow bar. The model comes in its original window box; the window is crumpled and torn. Complete with 2050 Farmer figure and a light brown retriever-type dog.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 160mm.
Approx Years: 1971 - 1974
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 462g

9576 Farm Land Rover

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