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Britains 9596 Deutz Tractor with Manure Spreader

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Britains 9596 Deutz Tractor with Manure Spreader

Ref: 35996

Good, Box Fair

Price: 59.00

This set consists of number 9526 Deutz DX110 tractor, and 9540 manure spreader.

The tractor has a green engine cover and cab, and black chassis, rear mudguards, exhaust and seat. 'DX110' labels on the sides, silver and black foil grille, jewelled headlights. 'Deutz' labels on the edges of the cab roof. Operating implement lift and pick-up hitch. Operating steering. Wheels are silver-grey plastic with black tyres. Driver figure has orange jacket, light blue trousers and black boots.

The manure spreader is red, with yellow plastic gear-driven spreader mechanism and moving belt that operate as it is towed along. Label on one side with 'Manure Spreader' with Britains logo. Wheels are yellow plastic with black tyres.

These models are good-to-excellent; there is a little paint loss from the towing eye and hitch. Everything works and all labels are intact. There is some deterioration of the wheel rims where the plastic has reacted with the tyres and softened; this is most noticeable on the trailer, and to a lesser extent on the tractor's rear wheels.

The window box is the earlier 'corn' type and has some tears to the end flaps, crushing on the top and holes in the plastic inner tray, but the window is intact.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 278mm.
Approx Years: 1979 - 1984
Condition: Good, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 550g

9596 Deutz Tractor with Manure Spreader

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