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Britains 9630 Ford Tractor and Rear Dump

Britains 9630 Ford Tractor and Rear Dump

Ref: 35997

Excellent, box Fair

Price: 138.00

This set consists of a Ford 6600 tractor and a Shawnee Poole rear dump. The tractor is blue with light grey plastic mudguards, grille surround and exhaust stack. There are jewelled headlights at the front. The removable plastic cab is blue with a light grey roof and is part glazed. Inside the cab there is a driver figure on a blue plastic seat. The solid black steering wheel steers the front axle via an external linkage. The rear implement linkage is operated by an unpainted metal lever on the left hand side and incorporates a pick-up hitch. There are also mounting points for the rear dump and for front implements.

The rear dump has a red-brown metal chassis and blue plastic dump, with lever-operated tipping action. There are 'Shawnee Poole' labels on the chassis sides and a '964 BTS' number plate on the rear, and the wheels are light grey to match the tractor.

Both models are in excellent condition with all labels intact and no damage to the paintwork apart from rubbing around the trailer hitch. The outer edges of the wheels have deteriorated slightly. The set is in its original 'corn' window box which is complete but with some tearing to the flaps and holes in the plastic inner tray. The clear plastic window has no tears or splits.

Scale: 1:32
Length: 258mm.
Approx Years: 1979 - 1981
Condition: Excellent, box Fair
Shipping Weight: 526g

9630 Ford Tractor and Rear Dump

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