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Britains Floral Garden 2546 Climbing Roses

Britains Floral Garden 2546 Climbing Roses

Ref: 34304

Mint, Packaging Excellent

Price: 16.50

One of the most attractive plants in the Floral Garden range, these three climbing roses look particularly realistic with their separate leaves and stems. Each plant has 24 pieces of foliage and 8 blooms in different colours: red, yellow and pink. Complete with a quarter flower bed.

This item is unused, with the parts still attached to their runners and in their original bag. The two-part outer box has light age wear; the price of 1/11 (one shilling and elevenpence) is written on one end in pencil.

The bottom picture is a library photo showing a similar item assembled - fences and grass not included!

Scale: 1:32
Length of bed: 37mm.
Approx Years: 1961 - 1970
Condition: Mint, Packaging Excellent
Shipping Weight: 25g

2546 Climbing Roses

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