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Britains Floral Garden 2573 Rockery

Britains Floral Garden 2573 Rockery

Ref: 39677

Excellent, unboxed

Price: 11.75

Two rockery sections: one straight and one corner. These may be joined with other rockery sections to make a rockery of any length.

Supplied with 10 rocks, 5 reeds, 2 conifers and 6 rock plants in blue and white. Note that the 10 rocks are supplied to give you a selection - there may not be sufficient space on the rockery to accommodate them all at once! Rocks may be various shades of grey.


Scale: 1:32
Length: 114mm.
Approx Years: 1962 - 1970
Condition: Excellent, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 30g

2573 Rockery

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