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Britains Guards x 22

Britains Guards x 22

Ref: 35752

Fair, unboxed

Price: 4.50

A motley collection of Guards, all with paint loss and some with bits missing. All are early issues with the Herald emblem and the 'S' model designation on the base.

8 x 202 Marching. Movable left arm and rifle. (One turned up late for the photo shoot so there are only 7 shown.)
5 x 202 Marching. Left arm and rifle missing.
5 x 203 Officer with sword (1 sword broken).
3 x 206 Queen's colour bearer (1 with standard missing).
1 x 207 Regimental colour bearer (blue standard)

207 was only available from 1954 to 1959, so I've assumed the whole collection is from this period.

Scale: 1:32
Typical height: 64mm.
Approx Years: 1954 - 1959
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 103g

Guards x 22

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