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Britains Mounted Horse Guards x 3

Britains Mounted Horse Guards x 3

Ref: 40622

Herald series
Reservation limit: 60 days
Fair, unboxed

Price: 7.50

Three mounted Horse Guards: 2 x 901 Standard Bearer and 1 x 903 Trooper with Sword. Moulded in navy blue plastic, with 1960s paint scheme of white britches and gloves, silver breastplate, and black boots. Silver helmets with red plumes. Articulated right arms. The horses are black with white socks, and the Herald mark and 'MADE IN ENGLAND' on their underbellies.

These are in fair condition with some paint loss. One of the standards has lost the lower part of its pole, and one of the guards has a locating pin missing from one leg, although this does not show.

Scale: 1:32
Height: 80mm.
Approx Years: c.1960 - 1967
Condition: Fair, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 100g

Mounted Horse Guards x 3

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