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Britains Sherwood Foresters Regimental Band

Britains Sherwood Foresters Regimental Band

Ref: 38030

12 pieces
Mint, box Mint

Price: 64.00

This set was exclusive to William Britain Collectors Club members. It consists of 12 hand-painted metal figures in 6 individual boxes as follows:
1. Drum Major
2. Bass Drum
3. Side Drum
4. Trombone, Clarinet, Fife
5. Trumpet, Saxophone, Cymbals
6. Tenor Horn, French Horn, Euphonium

Each box has a foam-lined interior and certificate. The six boxes are contained in a special outer box, also foam lined, and certificate for the whole set. All in mint condition, packed in the original mail order outer box.

Scale: 1:32
Typical height: 60mm.
Approx Years: 1996 - 1996
Condition: Mint, box Mint
Shipping Weight: 1162g

Sherwood Foresters Regimental Band

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