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Buddy L 544 Space Shuttle Carrier

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 Buddy L 544 Space Shuttle Carrier

Ref: 36013

Excellent, Packaging Good

Price: 10.00

Mack 3-axle Cabover tractor unit with pressed steel cab, black plastic chassis and black metal baseplate. Chrome plastic bumper, grille, lights and exhaust, opaque black plastic windows. 'MACK' label on the front, and red, white and blue side labels with 'BUDDY L', 'NASA' and US flag.

The two-axle low loader semi trailer is in white and black plastic with 'NASA' labels on the sides. Plastic Space Shuttle load is black and white. The opening fuselage doors have labels with 'Enterprise', 'United States', 'NASA' and the US flag.

This model is in excellent condition, and in its original box.

Length: 280mm.
Approx Years: 1979 -
Condition: Excellent, Packaging Good
Shipping Weight: 493g

Buddy L 544 Space Shuttle Carrier

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