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Charbens was founded in the late 1920s by brothers Charles and Benjamin Reid. The company was based in North London, an area which was home to a number of diecast toy manufacturers including Britains. Pre-war production consisted of a range of hollow-cast lead figures, mainly civilian subjects, and included some horse-drawn vehicles. Zinc diecasting was introduced after the war and the range of models widened. In 1955 the 'Old Crocks' series of miniature veteran cars was introduced. Plastic figures started to appear in the range during the 1960s, and continued in production until 1973.

Charbens 65 Cowboy, kneeling and firing

65 Cowboy, kneeling and firing

 1.00  each
Ref: 42723
Charbens American Indians x 3

American Indians x 3

 1.75  each
Ref: 42742