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Corgi 05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Corgi 05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ref: 37008

Mint, box Mint

Price: 19.75

This was a re-launch of the original Corgi 266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, in somewhat simplified form. This version has no passenger figures or front and rear wings, but it has the same brown body, silver bonnet, and black chassis and wings. With gold exhaust pipe, gold plated lamps, radiator surround and windscreen frame. 'GEN 11' number plates. Red seats, black dashboard and steering wheel, and Caractacus Potts driver figure. The red plastic side wings may be extended and folded manually.

As new.

Length: 126mm.
Approx Years: 1999 -
Condition: Mint, box Mint
Shipping Weight: 330g

05301 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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