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Corgi 1004 Routemaster Beep Beep Bus 'Hamleys'

Corgi 1004 Routemaster Beep Beep Bus 'Hamleys'

Ref: 39579

Mint, unboxed

Price: 8.75

Red, with silver grille and headlights and white stripe between upper and lower decks. Opaque black windows and white partial lower deck interior. Route 6 Regent Street destination board labels, flanked by Corgi adverts at the front and 'Keep Britain Tidy' adverts at the rear. 'Hamleys' labels on the upper deck sides. 'LONDON TRANSPORT' on lower deck sides.

Part of the Corgitronics range, this model has an electronic 'horn' that sounds when the rear suspension is pressed down. Powered by a 9v PP3 battery.

In mint condition, tested and working; battery not included!

Scale: 1:65
Length: 125mm.
Approx Years: 1981 -
Condition: Mint, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 225g

1004 Routemaster Beep Beep Bus 'Hamleys'

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