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Corgi 1105 Bedford TK Carrimore Car Transporter

Corgi 1105 Bedford TK Carrimore Car Transporter

Ref: 37482

Reservation limit: 30 days
Excellent, box Good

Price: 98.00

This car transporter is designed to carry four Corgi cars. The Bedford TK tractor unit is red with grey base and pale yellow interior, and has black plastic rear view mirrors. The trailer is blue, grey and silver and has 'Corgi Car Transporter' decals in white and a Corgi dog decal on the rear. The rear ramp folds down and the upper deck lowers realistically on its 'hydraulic' rams. Both tractor and trailer have suspension, with black tyres on spun metal hubs.

This example is in excellent condition. Both cab mirrors are intact and the tyres are original and without cracks. It comes in its original box which has no splits, but does have a couple of surface tears on the lid.

Scale: 1:47
Length: 268mm.
Approx Years: 1962 - 1966
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 780g

1105 Bedford TK Carrimore Car Transporter

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