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Corgi 1106 Karrier Decca Airfield Radar Van

Corgi 1106 Karrier Decca Airfield Radar Van

Ref: 21689

Good, Unboxed
Price: 56.00

This is one of the corgi 'Rocket Age' models, very reminiscent of the late 50s era. In cream, with five orange bands across the rear body and 'Decca Airfield Radar' labels on the sides. There is an orange diecast radar scanner on the roof, with silver dish and grey plastic antenna. The scanner may be rotated by turning a thumbwheel on the side of the vehicle. At the rear of the roof is another antenna, which has a red light on the top and may be folded down.

This example is in good-to-excellent condition with only a few small marks to the paintwork and excellent labels, although there is a blob of dried glue in the middle of the upper part of the roof. Both front and rear antennae are modern replica parts. Number plates from a Corgi Accessory Pack have been applied. The wheels are the early smooth hub type and have excellent tyres and rust-free axles.

Scale: 1:47
Length: 140mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1961
Model Condition: Good, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 347g

1106 Karrier Decca Airfield Radar Van

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