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Corgi 1113 Hyster Challenger 800 Handler

Corgi 1113 Hyster Challenger 800 Handler

Ref: 35334

Excellent, Box Poor

Price: 32.00

Orange-yellow, with black chassis. Orange-yellow and black telescopic mast with red plastic forks with black plastic carrier for container. Black plastic exhausts and cab ladders. Cab has clear window glazing and black interior with driver figure in blue overalls. The mast tilts forward and back, and the forks may be raised and lowered using a thumbwheel on the side. 'Hyster' labels with red stripes on the sides and rear. Orange-yellow wheels with black tyres, double at the front. Supplied with a grey plastic container with opening red doors and 'United States Lines' labels in red, blue and white. A sliding switch on the carrier attaches and releases the container.

In excellent condition, only a few very small marks. The box is poor, having lost its inner part and most of the window.

Length inc forks: 215mm.
Approx Years: 1977 - 1981
Condition: Excellent, Box Poor
Shipping Weight: 620g

1113 Hyster Challenger 800 Handler

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