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Corgi 1119 HDL Hovercraft SRN-1

Corgi 1119 HDL Hovercraft SRN-1

Ref: 39322

For restoration
Poor, unboxed

Price: 1.00

This is a model of the first successful hovercraft or 'ground effect vehicle'. It worked by drawing air in through the massive central fan, and blasted it out of holes in the underside, thus creating a cushion of air on which it floated. Some of the air was diverted through four horizontal ducts with rudders at the outlets, via which the craft was steered.

Later types of hovercraft were fitted with a flexible rubber skirt which contained the air cushion and made them more efficient.

This Corgi model is an accurate representation of that early craft, with silver/grey hull, blue ducts and yellow rudders that may be turned. The whole craft runs on three ball bearings - ideal for scratching the dining table!

This example has lost its cockpit canopy and the white central duct and fan. The rudders should have chequered labels on them, and the rear ones are rather bent.

Length: 121mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1962
Condition: Poor, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 265g

1119 HDL Hovercraft SRN-1

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