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Corgi 1152 Mack Tanker 'Esso'

Corgi 1152 Mack Tanker 'Esso'

Ref: 37030

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Good, unboxed

Price: 18.00

Mack tractor unit with Gloster Saro tanker semi trailer. Tractor: white, black chassis, engine and grille, silver-grey base. Red cab interior. Tractor has an opening bonnet which springs open when a button on the side is pressed. Trailer: white plastic tank, silver catwalk, red chassis, black fittings Trailer may be decoupled, and has drop-down jockey wheels. Esso label on the rear, and Esso logo with red stripe on the sides. Black wheels with silver centres, double on the rear axles.

This one is in good condition, although the top of the oil cooler is missing. There is a little loss of plating from the catwalk, and a few small paint chips including one on a front wheel arch. The labels are well preserved; the 'DANGER' label on the rear is not original, but could probably be peeled off with care.

Length: 276mm.
Approx Years: 1971 - 1976
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 504g

1152 Mack Tanker 'Esso'

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