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Corgi 153 Proteus Campbell Bluebird

Corgi 153 Proteus Campbell Bluebird

Ref: 33750

Good, Box Fair

Price: 33.75

The Bluebird-Proteus was unveiled in 1960 as the car with which Donald Campbell would attempt to claim the land speed record for a wheel-driven vehicle. This is a model of the original car, which crashed in a failed attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats that year. It was subsequently rebuilt, with the addition of a rear stabiliser fin, and in 1964 set a new record of 403.10 MPH at Lake Eyre, Australia.

The model is finished in blue with red exhaust ducts, the cockpit has a white driver figure and clear canopy. This is a later release of the model with black plastic wheels and two British flags on the nose decal.

It is in good condition, with paint chips/rubs on the tops of the wheel arches. The decal is at least 95% intact. The original box has some creasing/crushing and general age wear; it has all its inner flaps, although one is detached and another hanging by a thread! A price of 3/11 (three shillings and eleven pence) is written on one end flap.

Scale: 1:63
Length: 128mm.
Approx Years: 1961 - 1965
Condition: Good, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 136g

153 Proteus Campbell Bluebird

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