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Corgi 208M Jaguar 2.4 Litre

Corgi 208M Jaguar 2.4 Litre

Ref: 40446

Reservation limit: 30 days
Fair, box Excellent

Price: 49.75

This is the 'mechanical' version of the Corgi 208 Jaguar, one of a number of early Corgi models fitted with a special diecast base and flywheel motor. It has the distinction of being the first Corgi model to have a metallic paint finish, blue with silver grille, lights and bumpers. The base is black, and has a hole for the application of oil to the motor which drives the rear axle. Windows are clear plastic, and the wheels are the early flat spun type, with black tyres.

This example has paint loss on the roof, with quite a large patch where the bare metal is showing through. It looks like it has been over-polished, although it may be a factory error. In other respects it is excellent; the tyres are almost like new and the motor works perfectly. The box is also excellent, nice and crisp with hardly any wear. A price of 4/- (four shillings) is written in pencil on one end.

Scale: 1:47
Length: 100mm.
Approx Years: 1957 - 1960
Condition: Fair, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 135g

208M Jaguar 2.4 Litre

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