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Corgi 217 Fiat 1800 Saloon

Corgi 217 Fiat 1800 Saloon

Ref: 36281

Poor. Unboxed

Price: 2.50

Light blue with dark blue roof. Silver bumpers, grille and rear number plate an red rear lights. Lemon interior, silver-grey steering wheel and grey base. Flat spun wheels with black tyres and suspension.

Heavy paint wear, and the rear window is cracked. There is rust on the axles and the suspension has 'gone' at one rear corner. The tyres are original and fairly good.

Length: 95mm.
Approx Years: 1960 - 1963
Condition: Poor. Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 125g

217 Fiat 1800 Saloon

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