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Corgi 237 Oldsmobile Sheriff's Car

Corgi 237 Oldsmobile Sheriff's Car

Ref: 39129

Good, unboxed

Price: 25.50

Black upper body, white body sides, silver grille, headlights and bumpers, red rear lights. Red vacuum-formed interior with silver-grey steering wheel. 'County Sheriff' badge labels on the front doors in black, red and silver. Rooflight is red in a clear outer casing. The base is grey and the wheels have shaped spun hubs, black tyres and suspension.

This is a good displayable example with light general playwear. There is a chip on the roof and some small ones on the bonnet. The Sheriff badges have only slight wear. A couple of the tyres have some cracks.

Scale: 1:49
Length: 110mm.
Approx Years: 1962 - 1966
Condition: Good, unboxed
Shipping Weight: 145g

237 Oldsmobile Sheriff's Car

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