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Corgi 261 Aston Martin DB5, James Bond

Corgi 261 Aston Martin DB5, James Bond

Ref: 37123

Excellent, box Excellent

Price: 280.00

This is the earliest version of the Corgi James Bond Aston Martin, released in 1965 - not to be confused with later versions and re-releases! In gold with red interior and 'wire' wheels with black tyres. The rear lights are highlighted in red and the headlamps in silver.

There are several operating features: a rear bullet-proof screen pops up when you press the exhaust pipe, and switches on the side operate the extending front machine guns and overriders, and of course the famous ejector seat. Press the switch and the roof opens, the passenger seat flips up, and the 'baddie' gets a nasty surprise!

This example is in excellent condition with very good paintwork; there is a small mark on the bonnet and another on the roof from where it hits the rear edge of the roof opening when it springs open. All the operating features work; the roof hatch closes nice and flush. The bullet-proof screen needs a little manual assistance to make it pop up. The tyres are good; the rear suspension is good, the front is weak. The driver and 'baddie' figures are present and correct.

The model comes with its original box which is also in excellent condition, with no damage other than general slight ageing. It is complete with the original 'Secret Instructions' envelope containing the instruction leaflet and two spare baddies - the adhesive lapel badge is absent though.

A very nice example of this highly popular Corgi model, hard to find in such good original condition.

Length: 95mm.
Approx Years: 1965 - 1969
Condition: Excellent, box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 160g

261 Aston Martin DB5, James Bond

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