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Corgi 262 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine

Corgi 262 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine

Ref: 37105

Good, box Good

Price: 46.00

Metallic gold, black roof, chrome plated bumpers and grille, grey base. All four doors open to reveal a red interior with purple carpet and equipped with an AAA battery-operated illuminated TV screen for viewing transparencies that slot into the screen - 6 are supplied. The model also has an opening boot (trunk) and bonnet (hood) with chrome plated engine and dashboard. Twin jewelled headlamps are also fitted, and the windows are blue tinted. There is no rear window, presumably to give a better view of the TV screen. Wheels are spun metal with black tyres and suspension.

This one is in good condition with excellent paintwork; there are some slight rubs on the roof. The doors, bonnet and boot open and shut as they should, and all the jewelled headlights are intact. Most of the chrome plating has fallen off the bumpers and dashboard, which is a common problem with this model. The battery holder is the earlier type, with the switch built into the base of the car (later battery holders had an integral switch and are more reliable). The bulb has been tested, but some adjustment will be required to get the TV to work. The TV screen has one transparency in place, with the remaining 5 stored in the boot along with the metal contact which fits under the bulb and connects the base of the switch. (The bottom of the battery needs to make electrical contact with the pointy bit on the car's base).

The box is complete, but with general ageing and wear around the edges of the card.

Length: 149mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1969
Condition: Good, box Good
Shipping Weight: 276g

262 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine

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