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Corgi 299 Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia

Corgi 299 Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia

Ref: 32241

Mint, Box Fair

Price: 18.50

This model was developed in collaboration with Ford, and launched in 1982 at the same time as the real car. In metallic silver with black side stripe, light grey base and brown interior with black steering wheel - note this car is left-hand drive. Silver headlamps and red 'glazed' rear lights. The front doors open and the front seats tip - even though this is a 5-door car! The rear hatch opens and the parcel shelf is hinged too. The wheels are black with silver hubs and there is a black plastic tow hook.

This model is in mint condition and comes in its original special Ford box. This is torn in the corners and the window is detached and crumpled.

Scale: 1:36
Length inc tow hitch: 131mm.
Approx Years: 1982 -
Condition: Mint, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 233g

299 Ford Sierra 2.3 Ghia

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