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Corgi 303 Roger Clark's Ford Capri 3 Litre V6

Corgi 303 Roger Clark's Ford Capri 3 Litre V6

Ref: 33698

Excellent, Box Excellent

Price: 88.00

This is the 3 litre V6 Mk1 Ford Capri driven by British rally driver Roger Clark. White, with matt black bonnet, grille and bumpers. The doors open to reveal a black interior with gold steering wheel and tilting seat backs. Rectangular jewelled headlights, orangey-red rear lights. This one has the earlier type of Whizzwheels, gold with red centre bearings and black tyres.

The paintwork is excellent apart from a chip on one front wing and some rubs around the edge of the rear panel. One of the front tyres has a nick in it. There are racing number 73 labels on the doors and bonnet, and various sponsor decals; these were originally supplied on a sheet for the purchaser to apply according to a guide sheet which is still present in the box. On the reverse is some historical information and a Corgi Model Club application slip. The box itself is in very good shape, although various prices have been written on the ends - both in decimal and pre-decimal currency! There's a photo of the real car and Roger himself on the back.

Scale: 1:46
Length: 102mm.
Approx Years: 1970 - 1972
Condition: Excellent, Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 175g

303 Roger Clark's Ford Capri 3 Litre V6

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