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Corgi 402 Ford Cortina MKIII Police Car

Corgi 402 Ford Cortina MKIII Police Car

Ref: 35868

Excellent, Box Fair

Price: 25.00

White, with black base, grille and front-mounted siren. Twin jewelled headlights. Chrome plated bumpers and rear panel. Red interior with gold steering wheel. Orange side stripes with blue borders. Opening doors, tipping front seats. Roof sign with blue beacon; 'POLICE' on the front and 'POLICE STOP' on the rear. Black Whizzwheels with silver 'Rostyle' design and suspension.

Excellent condition. There is a micro chip on the bonnet and a chip on one rear corner. All the labels are very good. The outer window box is a little crumpled but there are no tears, but the inner tray has one end missing and a tear in the other.

Scale: 1:43
Length: 107mm.
Approx Years: 1972 - 1977
Condition: Excellent, Box Fair
Shipping Weight: 180g

402 Ford Cortina MKIII Police Car

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