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Corgi 42701 Van Hool Alizee 'Go Whippet'

Corgi 42701 Van Hool Alizee 'Go Whippet'

Ref: 35794

Lmited edition
Mint. Box Excellent

Price: 11.50

Deep cream with light and dark blue design. Black interior and window frames, smoked windows. 'GO WHIPPET' lettering on the sides and rear, with whippet dog emblem on the sides and front. '4 LONDON' destination board and registration number J687 LGA. Extensive detailing including mirrors and windscreen wipers. Black wheels with black tyres.

This example is as new, still in its shrink-wrapped plastic display case, hence the blurry photos! There is a tear in the shrink wrap, but no damage to the case (the lines are joins in the shrink wrap, not cracks). With card insert and historical notes, this is one of a limited edition of (I believe) 2200 - there should be a certificate of authenticity under the base card, but I can't check without opening it!

Scale: 1:76
Length: 153mm.
Approx Years: 2001 -
Condition: Mint. Box Excellent
Shipping Weight: 401g

42701 Van Hool Alizee 'Go Whippet'

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