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Corgi 428 Smith's Karrier 'Mister Softee' Ice Cream Van

Corgi 428 Smith's Karrier 'Mister Softee' Ice Cream Van

Ref: 32272

Fair, Box Good

Price: 87.00

In light blue and cream with silver trim, pale blue interior and grey metal base. 'Mister Softee' decals. The side windows slide, and the sales person can be swivelled round to serve from either side by turning a knob on the base. Wheels are shaped spun metal with black tyres and suspension.

This one is in fair-to-good condition with some paint chipping and rubbing on raised body lines. Nevertheless, the decals are undamaged, the windows are intact and slide properly, and the server is present and correct. The tyres are original and have no cracks, although there is a small flat spot on one of the rear ones.

The original box is very good, with bright colours and only slight wear to the edges of the flaps. The price of 6/4 (six shillings and fourpence) is written in pencil on one flap.

Scale: 1:55
Length: 93mm.
Approx Years: 1963 - 1966
Condition: Fair, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 180g

428 Smith's Karrier 'Mister Softee' Ice Cream Van

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