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Corgi 429 Police Jaguar XJ12C

Corgi 429 Police Jaguar XJ12C

Ref: 37876

Reservation limit: 60 days
Excellent, box Good

Price: 27.00

White, with prink and blue side stripe tampo print. Black base. Silver plated bumpers, grille and headlights, amber rear lights. Roof box with blue light and 'POLICE' labels on both sides. 'POLICE' label on the boot lid. Opening bonnet with silver plated and black engine. Opening doors, tan interior, black steering wheel. Wheels have silver 4-spoke centres and suspension.

This model is very near mint; the window box has some general wear and crumpling to the window.

Length: 135mm.
Approx Years: 1978 - 1980
Condition: Excellent, box Good
Shipping Weight: 274g

429 Police Jaguar XJ12C

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