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Corgi 439 Rover 800 Sterling

Corgi 439 Rover 800 Sterling

Ref: 34145

Mint, Box Good

Price: 17.50

Metallic silver-grey, with black body line and grey interior with black steering wheel. Chrome headlights and 'glazed' rear lights. Opening bonnet reveals a detailed engine in black and chrome. Opening boot and opening front doors. The front seats have tipping backs even though the car has rear doors. Smoked windows including the sliding sunroof. The wheels are black with chrome centres.

This model is as new; there are slight manufacturing imperfections on the roof and windscreen. In a very good window box which has some wear at the corners.

Scale: 1:36
Length: 130mm.
Approx Years: 1986 -
Condition: Mint, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 283g

439 Rover 800 Sterling

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