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Corgi 440 Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate

Corgi 440 Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate

Ref: 32271

Good, Box Good
Price: 86.00

This Cortina Estate is in metallic dark blue with cream-bordered brown wood effect panels on the sides and tailgate. It is an ingeniously designed model; the casting is in two parts, and the plastic side panels, which are part of the interior moulding, are sandwiched between the two. The result is a very pleasing and distinctive model which is popular with collectors today. Other features are silver plated grille and bumpers, jewelled headlights and opening tailgate. The wheels have shaped spun hubs, black tyres and suspension.

This golfing-themed gift set consists of the car plus golfer and boy caddy figures. There should also be a golf bag and trolley, but in this case it is unfortunately missing. Replica replacements are available from various sources. The figures are original and in excellent condition, although the golfer's club is rather bent. The car itself has some light paint chipping to the roof gutters and some loss of plating front the bumpers. There is also a rough area of the casting on one front wing where the paint has flaked off - see photos. The tyres very good although slightly hardened with age.

The box is original too; the inner stand with illustrated golf club background is in very good condition; the outer box is also very good, although there is some crumpling to one face.

Length: 95mm.
Approx Years: 1966 - 1969
Model Condition: Good, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 170g

440 Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate

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