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Corgi 460 ERF Neville Cement Tipper

Corgi 460 ERF Neville Cement Tipper

Ref: 33525

Good, Unboxed

Price: 13.50

In pale yellow with silver grille, headlights and front bumper. Silver-grey tipping body supported by dual 'hydraulic' rams. Opening rear flap and filler caps; this is an early release with metal caps, later ones were plastic. 'Tunnel Cement' decal on the top. The cab has a black tinplate base and clear window glazing. The wheels are the early flat spun metal type.

This example has a large paint chip on one corner of the cab roof, but otherwise it is very good with light paint rubbing on raised body lines. The decal is 95% intact, the tyres are good and the axles are rust-free. There are some patches of surface rust on the baseplate.

Scale: 1:56
Length: 95mm.
Approx Years: 1959 - 1961
Condition: Good, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 175g

460 ERF Neville Cement Tipper

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