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Corgi 46109 Plaxton Panther 'Yelloway'

Corgi 46109 Plaxton Panther 'Yelloway'

Ref: 35796

Limited edition
Mint. Box Mint

Price: 22.00

Deep cream, with orange and gold side markings and black window frames. 'Yelloway Motor Services Ltd' logos on the sides, front and rear, in gold, orange and black. Yelloway telephone number on the rear. Extensive detailing includes 'A19 YEL' number plates, mirrors and windscreen wipers. Dark grey interior with red headrests.

This model is as new, still sealed in its plastic display case and with unmarked outer box. With historical notes and certificate of authenticity; this one is number 360 in a limited edition of only 1100.

Scale: 1:76
Length: 154mm.
Approx Years: 2008 -
Condition: Mint. Box Mint
Shipping Weight: 431g

46109 Plaxton Panther 'Yelloway'

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