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Corgi 490 Volkswagen Breakdown

Corgi 490 Volkswagen Breakdown

Ref: 28593

Excellent, Unboxed

Price: 44.00

An unusual variation of the classic 'split screen' Volkswagen, this breakdown truck is really designed for recovery duties on the motor racing circuit and appears in white in various Corgi racing sets. This tan 'road' version has the same features: operating rear winch and hook, tow bar and highly detailed fittings including a spare tyre, oil and fuel cans and an opening fitted tool chest.

This example is in excellent overall condition with original Corgi Breakdown stickers, and only a few small marks on the edges and at the rear of the cab. There should be a spare wheel in the rear compartment but this is missing, and the tyres have flat spots; replacements are available from various sources.

Scale: 1:47
Length: 103mm.
Approx Years: 1967 - 1969
Condition: Excellent, Unboxed
Shipping Weight: 150g

490 Volkswagen Breakdown

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