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Corgi 901 Centurion MK III Tank

Corgi 901 Centurion MK III Tank

Ref: 37597

Barrel damaged
Reservation limit: 60 days
Fair, Box Good

Price: 12.00

A nicely detailed model, finished in brown and olive green camouflage, with the British flag on the body sides, and various other markings on the front and rear. Black tracks on military olive green rollers. The gun turret swivels, and the elevation of the barrel can be adjusted. Fires plastic shells (3 supplied); the barrel is pushed inward to arm it, and springs out again to fire the shell when you pull the aerial upwards.

This example needs repair: the end of the barrel is detached and needs to be glued back on (there are traces of glue which indicates this has happened before). Otherwise In excellent condition, and in its original illustrated card box which has some general wear but still has its internal packing pieces.

Scale: 1:60
Length: 165mm.
Approx Years: 1973 - 1978
Condition: Fair, Box Good
Shipping Weight: 350g

901 Centurion MK III Tank

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